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In the Heights, Front Porch Theatricals

August 23–September 1, 2013


The 2012 cast of In the Heights at Front Porch Theatricals


A musical about the importance of home, family and finding where you belong.

The show centers on themes of family, home, loyalty, and what making a difference in this world is really about. In the Heights, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, focuses on the lives and intertwining stories of the community of Washington Heights, New York. Usnavi, the show's lead character, takes us through the lives of the people of his community who have become his family.


The show draws from its  strong Hispanic center, featuring Bolero music, Rap music, and pop music to illuminate the stories of the residents of Washington Heights. Usnavi questions whether or not he should remain in Washington Heights and continue to run his corner store, or return to the Dominican Republic and try to start his life again. The journey of this show follows Usnavi, as well as other characters, Nina, Benny, and Vanessa, and their search for their place in this world measured against the expectations of their neighborhood and family.

Produced in association with Carrnivale Theatrics.


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