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Front Porch Theatricals
Front Porch Theatricals

Audition Instructions


  Equity and Non-Equity Auditions for






Who:  Trained Singers/Actors – Seeking versatile Equity and Non-Equity performers with strong singing abilities in standard and contemporary musical theater styles, in addition to strong acting capabilities.

For:  Auditions for Front Porch Theatricals’ 2018 Season at the New Hazlett Theater:

                     A NEW BRAIN – Rehearsals start April 23; Runs May 18 - 27, 2018 at the University of Pittsburgh

                               Director: Connor McCanlus; Music Director: Deana Muro

                     GREY GARDENS – Rehearsals start July 23; Runs August 17 - 26, 2018 at Pittsburgh Musical Theater

                               Director: Robyne Parrish; Music Director: Douglas Levine


Where      Pittsburgh Musical Theater Studios

& When:   327 South Main Street, Pittsburgh (West End), PA 15220


  1. Friday, February 23 - 5:00PM to 10:00PM OPEN CALL
  2. Saturday, February 24 - 10:00AM to 6:00PM OPEN CALL
  3. Sunday, February 25 – 10AM to 6PM OPEN CALL
  4. Monday, February 26 – 6:00PM to 11:00PM CALL BACKS FOR A NEW BRAIN
  5. Tuesday, February 27 – 6:00PM to 11:00PM CALLBACKS FOR GREY GARDENS




Please complete our online registration form at: Include a list of musical instrument(s) played and your proficiency. If unable to access, please email or call Bruce Smith at 412-551-4027 to register.




Equity, E.M.C. and Non-Equity actors can select a scheduled 5 minute audition slot. If Equity, please bring your Equity card to your audition.


ALL - INCLUDE HEAD SHOTS AND RESUMES WITH ONLINE REGISTRATION AND BRING ALSO TO YOUR AUDITION. If you cannot load your head shot and resume on the form, please send us an email with your head shot and resume.


Video submissions will NOT be accepted.


Front Porch Theatricals is committed to inclusive casting and utilizing local actors.





  • 16 bar selection; standard musical theater repertoire
  • Auditioners may be asked to perform a second, contrasting piece
  • Performers with puppeteering experience are encouraged to audition
  • Performers with piano experience interested in the role of GORDON are encouraged to accompany their own audition piece
  • Head shot and resume



  • Character Ages range from Teens - 60’s
  • 16 bar selection; up-tempo or ballad musical theater piece.  May sing from the show. If auditioning for GOULD and you play the piano, prepare a short piece
  • Auditioners may be asked to perform a second, contrasting piece
  • Dramatic/Comedic monologue may be required
  • Head shot and resume


If you have any questions, please call Bruce Smith at 412-551-4027 or visit our website at






A company of performers to play 11 roles (with possible doubling and/or un-named ensemble tracks). The genders of the characters are specified, but performers are encouraged to audition for (and will be considered for) any role.



Gordon Michael Schwinn - Male, German-Jewish, 30’s to 40’s. Witty, cynical, guarded. A musical theatre composer writing for a children's television program, Mr. Bungee’s Lily Pad. The actor playing Gordon should be able to sing and play piano simultaneously. Tenor.

Mr. Bungee - Any Gender, Any Ethnicity, Any Age. An anthropomorphic frog and host of Mr. Bungee’s Lily Pad. On-camera, Mr. Bungee is gentle and informative. Off-camera, Mr. Bungee is insensitive and tyrannical. In Gordon’s hallucinations, Mr. Bungee is a nasty tormentor. The actor playing Mr. Bungee should be comfortable with puppeteering.

Mimi Schwinn - Female, German-Jewish, 50+. Dramatic, protective, benignly narcissistic. Gordon’s mother. Mezzo.

Roger Delli-Bovi - Male, Any Ethnicity, 30’s - 40’s.  Patient, pragmatic, has an open mind and heart. Gordon’s partner. Baritone.

Rhoda - Female, Any Ethnicity, 30+. Driven, loyal, neurotic. Gordon’s best friend and agent. Soprano.

Lisa - Female, Any Ethnicity, 40+. Blunt, observant, a survivor. A woman who has fallen prey to a series of circumstances that have left her jobless and homeless but not hopeless. Mezzo with strong belt.

Waitress - Female, Any Ethnicity, 20+. Effervescent and eager. An underemployed actor. This role may be double cast as Nancy D. Soprano.

Nancy D. - Female, Any Ethnicity, 20+. Efficient, no-nonsense, introduces herself as “the thin nurse.” Bedside manner is not her best skill. This role may be double cast as Waitress. Soprano.

Richard - Male, Any Ethnicity, 30+. Compassionate, self-deprecating, introduces himself as “the nice nurse” and uses the word “fat” to describe himself. Baritone.

Dr. Jafar Berensteiner - Male, Middle Eastern, 30+. Erudite, honest, unsympathetic. Baritone.

The Minister - Male, Any Ethnicity, 20+.  Warm, naive, a showman when the mood strikes him. Tenor.




3 Women

4 Men

2 Teenage females

2 Ensemble members

While these characters are based on/inspired by (mostly) historic/real life people that identify as (mostly) white, the director will be making every effort toward inclusive casting where possible and is highly motivated to do so. Come one come all.



Edith Bouvier Beale/”Little” Edie Beale - Female, 35-55

One multi-faceted actress plays mother Edith in act one and daughter Edie in act two, legit soprano or mezzo-soprano to F-sharp 5, mix/belt to D5. It is highly recommended that this actress be familiar with the film, as Little Edie is a unique character with many specific traits that we will want to reference in the second act.

“Big” Edie Beale - Female, 55-85

An eclectic woman who fondly recalls her days of glory entertaining guests at lavish parties in the heyday of Grey Gardens, character alto E3-C5.

George Gould Strong - Male, 30’s-40’s

Edith’s companion and artistic partner in crime; a pianist. George is also Edith’s accompanist; he is a gay man who makes no real effort to hide it, in a time that still required such things. Ability to actually play the piano is not necessary. Baritone or tenor. Ensemble. Any ethnicity.

Young “Little” Edie Beale/Sister Marla - Female, 17-30

Will portray young Edie in act one, and participate in the ensemble in act 2, with a major solo as Sister Marla in the church choir scene, mix/belt to D5, soprano to B-flat 6. Should dance. This track could be asked to choreograph a number.

Joseph Kennedy, Jr./Jerry - Male, 18-30-ish

Plays handsome Joseph Kennedy in act one and handyman Jerry in act two, tenor, C3-G4. Any ethnicity.

Major Bouvier/Norman Vincent Peale - Male, 55-80

Plays the strict, domineering patriarch of the Bouvier family in act one, and the beloved minister and author of “The Power of Positive Thinking” in act two, baritone, C3-E4.

Brooks Sr./Brooks Jr. - Male, 25-39

Portrays loyal family servant Brooks Sr. in act one, and landscaper Brooks Jr. as well as a member of the ensemble in act two, baritone, C3-E4. Ethnicity: African American

Jacqueline Bouvier/Ensemble - Female, 12-16

This pre-teen actress (plays 13) plays young Jackie in act one – lovely, poised, and well-mannered, although dearly in love with her wacky Aunt Edith and her performances. In the second act she participates in the ensemble. Vocal range: juvenile mix belt, C4-E5

Lee Bouvier/Ensemble - Female, 8-13

This child actress (plays 10) is young Lee in act one – tomboyish, energetic, and joyful, sharing her sister Jackie’s love of her Aunt Edith. In the second act she participates in the ensemble. Vocal range: juvenile mix belt, C4-E5.


About the Shows

A New Brain

In 1992 composer William Finn collapsed crossing 45th Street after seeing Falsettos at the Golden Theatre, for which he had received two Tony Awards just three weeks earlier. He was soon diagnosed with AVM, a tangle of blood vessels in his brain, and the experience became the inspiration to collaborate again with James Lapine on a musical about his near-death experience. In A New Brain, frustrated, neurotic composer Gordon Schwinn collapses onto a plate of ziti while complaining about his job writing for a children's television program. His world suddenly becomes a dizzying carousel of hospital rooms, hallucinations and songs. While trapped in memories and MRI machines, Gordon finds comfort in the healing power of his art. A New Brain leaves us with hope that we still have time to be better people and to make an impact on the world, both in the work we do and the way we treat our loved ones -even strangers on the street.

Grey Gardens

Based on the 1975 documentary film of the same name, Grey Gardens is a tragic, frequently funny, and utterly unforgettable musical about two “staunch” and legendary American women: Edith Bouvier Beale, and her grown daughter, Edie. Grey Gardens begins at the grand 1941 engagement party of stunning and spirited “Little Edie” Beale to handsome Navy man Joe Kennedy, Jr., hosted by Edie’s mother, Edith Bouvier Beale. As the upper-crust, New England family gathers, so do the storm clouds of trouble that eventually leave both “Big” and “Little” Edie alone and heartbroken. The second act launches the narrative into the overgrown, cat-riddled, and bug-infested estate in 1973, where the two Edies live, alone. “Big Edie” is now bedridden, and “Little Edie” grows more eccentric by the day, haunted by dreams of love and success, long since dashed. Weaving documentary text with imaginative speculation, the musical documents the journey of the Beales from royalty to ruin. Grey Gardens is a unique tapestry of lost dreams, sacrifice, and unstoppable hope-- heartfelt, witty, and compassionate.


About Front Porch Theatricals:

FRONT PORCH THEATRICALS is a Pittsburgh-based musical theater company that produced Only Me in 2009, Next to Normal and In the Heights in 2012 and 2013 in association with Carrnivale Theatrics, Parade in 2014, The Last Five Years and The Light in the Piazza in 2015, The Spitfire Grill and Floyd Collins in 2016 and last year’s Violet and Big Fish.  The Company's mission is to provide our region with professional, high-quality musical theater productions featuring Pittsburgh's diverse actor, artistic and technical talent base. Particular emphasis is placed on mentoring youth through our internship program and in hiring local artistic and technical talent to create a high-level professional vehicle for our directors and artists to realize their visions. We emphasize shows addressing serious social, cultural and moral issues. Front Porch Theatricals is committed to inclusive casting and utilizing local and locally trained actors.  Front Porch Theatricals is likewise committed to providing an environment that is free from harassment of any kind, including harassment based upon gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, age or religion.